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I am Elysee Sadia and I am representing Top Gun Large Coed on TEAM iC this season! I currently live in Southern Florida and I am a senior in high school! I am very thankful for the opportunity to be a part of something so selective and elite, and I look forward to all the cool things we are going to get to do this year!

I have been cheering for 6 years and they’ve honestly been the best 6 years of my life. I’ve been lucky enough to meet so many inspiring people, so being able to continue on in this sport with the passion I’ve gained from these strong-willed athletes is amazing. I am a new member of TGLC, so this season has been filled with many different experiences, but I can easily say that this has been my favorite season of cheerleading yet. I am learning a lot from my personable and understanding coaches, Victor and Kristen Rosario. They’ve taught me how to be the better version of myself and I think that’s why I really fell in love with Top Gun. It’s the fact that although this sport means everything to us, it’s the character we build from it that will truly determine our success as people and in this sport. I’m very thankful for everything they are teaching me and the special bond they are instilling within our team.

I think more than anything this season I am looking for positivity and consistency. My team is very motivated and hungry and I can feel it every time I am on the floor with them and it’s something so very special. The greatest thing about our team this year I think is the experience and drive we have to be the best. We have a lot of veterans that have wholeheartedly committed their whole life to this sport and cheering alongside these determined athletes really helps bring the whole team together and up to that standard and level of experience. Our season has been spectacular so far and I really looked forward to all the wonderful memories we are going to make along the way!

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