Willow – My Morning Routine! 

School, cheer practice, clubs and football games can make for long days! iC Correspondent and Senior Captain at Anderson County High School, Willow (who is also our September 2022 Cover Star!) shares her morning routine to help you get your day started off on the right foot! 

For more on Willow’s back-to-school routine, including her Game Day Itinerary and tips for balancing cheer and school, check out the September issue of Inside Cheer!

As a Student Athlete, sometimes when we leave our house in the early morning, we must be prepared for the entire day ahead. This includes school, practice, clubs, and maybe even games! Starting off my morning on the right foot is one of the best ways that I can feel confident going into the day ahead!

Here a a few ways that my Morning Routine sets me up for success:

  1. Prepare – The first step of my morning routine doesn’t even start in the morning! Laying out my school and practice clothes at night prevents me from panicking as I get ready for the day!
  2. Getting up on time – Trust me, I know getting up at an early hour isn’t always the most fun in the world. However, allowing yourself enough time to complete everything you need to do in the morning at a comfortable pace prevents so much rushing and chaos. 
  3. Make a checklist – Sometimes after I leave my house I wonder if I have all of the clothes and things I need to get me through my after-school activities. Making a list that you can check off as you leave avoids so much unnecessary stress!
  4. Eat Breakfast – Although it can be difficult to eat something right when we wake up in the morning, it is important that you have something to eat before you begin your day. Grab a banana as you head out the door, or pop a bagel in the toaster. Your body needs nutrition to push you through the day!

My fool-proof morning routine consists of preparation, getting up on time, making a checklist, and eating breakfast! I hope these tips help you start your day off strong!

Photo Credits: Jennie Andrews 

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