Welcome To The House of Cheer!

The cheerleaders you all know and love want to bring you into their house

The producers of Cheer Live are taking the sport to greater heights with the formation of House of Cheer – the only touring company of professional cheerleaders in the world! The star studded cast (see below) will travel the country this summer as part of the Level Up Tour, which aims to showcase who these athletes are as entertainers in addition to their cheer talents. 

“We push our skills beyond the limit and we showcase more than just what cheer is,” said cast member James Thomas. “We show our performance side, our dance side, our silly sides, our professional sides, how we speak to people … we bring all those leadership skills and we’re being like, ‘Ok you are more than just a normal cheerleader.’”

The House of Cheer, which is sponsored by Rebel, hopes to welcome you into the home of some of the best cheerleaders in the nation for years to come, open

ing the door for a future professional career and an outlet to perform beyond the competitive cheer stage. It’s a place where everyone is welcome and the possibilities are endless.   

“We are thrilled to once again partner with Faculty Inc. for House of Cheer, The Level Up Tour,” said Karen Noseff Aldridge, CEO of Rebel Athletic.” Rebel believes that cheerleaders are athletes and entertainers, and that the world needs more cheer.  We are excited to bring the athleticism and showmanship of cheerleading onto a global stage this Summer, in cities across America – where the mainstream public can celebrate cheer in the same ways that those of us in the Cheer Industry already do. We’re looking forward to supporting the athlete cast members and fans with amazing couture stage costumes and exclusive tour merchandize, and most importantly catapulting the sport we all know and love into the mainstream once again.” 

The company’s goal is to entertain audiences around the globe for generations to come.

“That’s where the leveling up part comes into play because now you’re not just an athlete who competes, you’re becoming a performer and becoming a new definition of a cheerleader,” Thomas said. “Cheerleaders are obviously competitive, but this is not a competition anymore. This is something new and something bigger and more toward the entertainment side … We want it to be the norm for future kids to come to know that it’s not always about competition.” 

The family will be looking to grow with additional cast members through a series of open auditions to be held in the coming months. The company will be looking for cheerleaders with a diverse skill set and passion for performing! (More details to come, so stay tuned!) 

Initial Cast:

  • Morgan Simanier
  • Maddy Brum
  • Gillian Rupert
  • Angel Rice
  • Cassadee Dunlap
  • James Thomas
  • Kory Little
  • Dustin Velazquez
  • Keyshawn Leflore
  • Ryan Claunch
  • Harrison Milford

Stay up to date: https://www.houseofcheertour.com

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