by Sammi Wendling

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Extra ponytails and bobby pins
You never know when a stubborn piece of hair will come out of your pony, or when your hair tie suddenly decides to snap. Come in to practices, games and competitions with extra hair clips and ties to secure your look. You don’t need to be worrying about whether or not your hair will stay in place when you are performing, so always carry extras with you to ensure a quick hair fix.

Again, hair can be quite stubborn sometimes! If you did your hair long before you had to perform, you may need an extra spritz of hairspray to hold the look together. Similarly, sometimes other team members need some extra assistance making their hair look performance-ready. You can help a fellow girl out; because as we know, our cheer hairstyles usually always require hairspray!

Whether you are outside for a game or indoors for practice or competition, it is so important to stay hydrated on the big day. Without being properly hydrated, you can lose energy and feel drained pretty quick. The last thing you need is to be feeling under the weather right before you are about to take the stage! Having water at hand is a good practice for any cheer event.

Extra pair of socks
Sometimes, we forget the smallest things. And while you don’t necessarily need socks to compete, performing without them is uncomfortable at best. It is better to be prepared instead of having to worry about a potential shoe slip-off on stage. So bring an extra pair of socks, because either you or a friend might need them someday!

When you are at a competition all day long, it can be draining. Sometimes we may not always get a chance to hit the concession stand before we head to warm-ups, and the last thing you want is to feel hungry right before you are about to perform. Pack some energy-driven, healthy foods like nuts, protein bars, and fruit to have both before and after your performance. It will make all the difference!

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