In the April 2018 issue of Inside Cheerleading, we catch up with Fame Super Seniors’ Tayler Figo! We had the chance to play This or That?! with Tayler. Here are her answers!

Photos by Andrew Knowles

This or That?!

Dogs or Cats

Tumbling or Stunting

Pizza or Chicken Fingers

Cookies or Ice Cream

Books or Movies

Comedy or RomCom

Pop/Rock or Country

Jeans & Tee or Sundress

Flip Flops or Heels

Blush or Mascara

Instagram or Snapchat

Car or SUV

Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts

Morning Person or Night Owl

Running or Weights

Beach or Mountains

High School Cheer or All Star

You can read more about Tayler’s All Star career and journey as a Fame Super Senior in the April 2018 issue of Inside Cheerleading magazine here.

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