By Mattea Kane

Meet Team iC Junior Mattea Kane of Cheer Extreme!

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Get To Know Mattea!

Hi! I am Mattea Kane.

I was born in California and now live in Wake Forest, North Carolina, with my mom, dad and brothers. I love living in North Carolina, but will always be a Cali girl at heart.

(I LOVE the beach, ocean air and tumbling in the sand!)

I began All Star Cheerleading when I was 6. I saw a video of a cheer competition and told my parents that I wanted to be the girl flying in the air! (I had just gone zip lining with my dad and had so much fun flying across the rope!) I had taken a few dance classes, but I had never had any tumbling or gymnastics training. At first, I was REALLY shy. However, my parents went ahead and signed me up for All Star Cheerleading, and a couple of months into that first season, I was completely hooked.

I started taking private tumbling and stunting lessons and wanted to spend every free minute in the gym. I am now in my fourth season of All Star Cheerleading, and I love the sport more and more every day. I am in the gym five days a week practicing with my teams and learning new tumble passes, stretching and conditioning. I have wonderful coaches who encourage me and continually challenge me to grow.

My coaches call me Chip and that fits my “chipper” personality! I think you will find that I am pretty goofy. When I am not in serious mode (at practice or on a competition mat), I love being silly and making others laugh. I am a big fan of watching comedies and someday would love to be on TV or in movies.

Cheerleading has had such a positive impact on my life. It helped me overcome my shyness and has inspired me to dream big. It has taught me the value of hard work and the importance of teamwork. It has provided me with an amazing group of friends and cheer “sisters” that I love and look up to! Cheer has blessed me in so many ways, and I know it will always be a big part of my life.

I loved watching the cheerleaders at the 2018 Olympics! My ultimate goal is to be on Team USA. It would be such an honor to represent my country doing the sport that I LOVE!

– Mattea, Cheer Extreme Raleigh

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