By Nadirah Knox

Meet TEAM iC Member, Nadirah Knox of SSX!


My name is Nadirah Knox but most people call me “ Dee-Dee!” I’m from Covington, Kentucky, but last year I decided to move away from all of my friends and family to make a dream come true! That dream was to cheer at one of the Cheer Extreme locations!

This is my second year on SSX (Small Senior X)! This year has started off amazing! My team is just so fun to be around and loves to try to make every practice just something for us to enjoy, but of course we also work hard. We have this little phrase we say before fullouts which is, “ It’s not about perfection, it’s about progression.” All we want to do is be better than the last routine we did or just to show progression throughout the many different routines we do. We believe having a bond with your teammates is so important and that it’s a huge key to success. I’m super excited and blessed to be spending my senior year with such an amazing team!

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