Under the leadership of founder, owner and CEO Tim Heitmann, and Robin Coe, Vice President, cheer and dance success; The Double Good Virtual Fundraising mission is to offer the simplest and most effective fundraising experience. Inside Cheer sat down with Wydeyah Hay, co-owner of Candy Elite All-Stars Cheerleading Inc., to learn more about her experience and success with Double Good Virtual Fundraising.

A ‘Double Good’ Deed

By Jennifer Morrell

Double Good Virtual Fundraising is a company built on creating joy and helping others. The company’s effective social fundraising software and premium popcorn have led to amazing results for kids and organizations across the United States. Fifty percent of every dollar goes to a cause, and more than $100 million has been raised to date.

The Double Good Virtual Fundraising mission is to offer the simplest and most effective fundraising experience, and the company operates under the direction of Tim Heitmann, Founder and CEO with Robin Coe, VP, overseeing cheer and dance success. Deeply rooted in the cheer and dance communities, Coe brought a unique perspective to the art of fundraising. She wears many hats, as a gym owner, judge, educator, parent, coach, event producer. She also is committed to cheer and dance, and to helping others succeed across many facets of life.

A great example of how successful Double Good Virtual Fundraising can be for an organization happened recently with Candy Elite, a cheer gym located in Newark, New Jersey. Even in the midst of COVID-19, the gym was able to raised more than $65,000 between April and June 2020. 

“COVID-19 has changed the landscape for fundraising, yet through the simplicity of the app, our data has shown supporters are spending 30% more, and event participation is up two to three times,” Coe says. “Candy Elite’s organizers were highly motivated, which inspired the team to participate in the fundraiser with the same enthusiasm they would bring to the competition floor.”

So, what did Candy Elite do right in their fundraising efforts through Double Good? The gym implemented strategic incentives, which motivated individuals to win all for the greater good of the team. Candy Elite also hosted two successful events. The first was for their seniors, whereby they sold $40,825. Their camaraderie and desire, coupled with their Double Good app savvy, enabled them to raise $25,675 for their second campaign. 

Inside Cheer sat down with Wydeyah Hay, co-owner of Candy Elite All-Stars Cheerleading Inc., to learn more about her experience and success with Double Good Virtual Fundraising.

Why did you decide to do your fundraising with Double Good?

We decided to participate in the double good popcorn fundraising sale to ensure kids were able to cheer for the following season. There were a lot of parents who were laid off due to COVID-19, and our goal was to ensure every athlete was set up for success.

Why do you think this fundraiser works so well? 

The fundraiser worked extremely well, simply because there wasn’t really much for parents to do on their end aside from sending out their athletes’ pop-up store link and promoting. This fundraiser gave family members who aren’t from New Jersey the opportunity to support as well. What we loved most was that the popcorn is delivered straight to your home from Double Good, and since we are practicing social distancing, this was super awesome for us. 

What drove your kids to work so hard to sell popcorn? 

The kids were encouraged to raise money because there was an incentive. The incentive was if you raised the most money, you would receive free tuition for the month of July. Athletes also had access to the Double Good Leaderboard, which gave updated information on athletes’ standings. When athletes would see their teammates ahead of them, it would encourage them to go harder and find more sales. Some athletes did have individual goals, which were to cover registration and or fees for the entire season. We’ve had about two athletes cover their fees for the year through Double Good.

Do you recommend Double Good for other gyms? 

I recommend Double Good to other gyms because it really works. The app is user-friendly and straight to the point. The directions given to help set up an account are easy to follow. The best part about this fundraiser is that Double Good handles everything for you. We don’t have to collect any money, take any orders, etc.

Any final words about the product quality and the ease of working with Double Good?

Believe in your gym! Double Good has helped release weight off of our parents’ shoulders for the 2020-2021 season. So many were worried about their children not being able to cheer due to COVID-19. However, they were able make it happen by participating in such a fun and easy fundraiser.

5 Double Good Reasons!

  1. Supporters can expect to receive their shipment made-to-order within days of the purchase. 
  2. Fourteen unique flavors are offered, such as Easy Peasy Caramel Cheesy, White Cheddar Go Getter, and Fruity Fruity Bang Bang, among others. 
  3. Helping kids do what they love is at the core of Double Good, and everyone cheers on events to be as successful as the stars of Candy Elite. 
  4. Double Good offers a no-touch experience for participants to raise funds, where 50% of all sales go directly to your team.
  5. The campaign lasts four days, with no minimums or fees, and Double Good ships the popcorn directly to your supporters. 

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