by Sammi Wendling

As a cheerleader, I pride myself on my bow collection. Over the years, I have gathered quite a few bows, but always struggled with how to store them. I didn’t want them to get crushed in a bag, or have them take up an entire wall, so I created my own bow holder! Check out a DIY project on how to hold your bows! This project can be done for under $10, and it holds as many bows as you want!

Materials: String/Yarn (preferably thick), clothespins, one nail, glitter spray/spray paint for wood, and bows! (Glitter spray optional, although highly recommended)

Step 1: Cut the string into a desirable length. The thicker the string is, the better the bows will stay on. If you have thinner string or yarn, braid it together to create a thicker base. At the top of the string, create a loose knot or a loophole so it can hand later. Tie the end of the string into a knot as well.

Step 2: Take your clothespins and lay them out on some old newspapers. Set them up so one side is facing up, and the backside is resting on the newspaper. Take your glitter spray (or normal spray paint) and spray the clothespins. Make sure you only spray front and sides of the clothespin. You can mix the colors, add more glitter, and be as creative as you would like!
Step 3: Wait a day for the paint to dry. When it has dried, flip the clothespins over to the blank side. Repeat step 2 and let dry.

Step 4: Have a parent help you put a nail in your wall. Place the loop of the string on the nail, letting the string hang down. Then take your clothespins, and pin your bows to the string. I like to pin them from the ponytail holder so you can see your bows.

This is an easy, fun DIY project that cheerleaders can use to store their bows! It is easy to take a bow out and put them back on. Be creative with this – the possibilities of how it will turn out are endless!

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