Spring is here and summer planning is in full swing! We’re excited to connect back with our iC Junior Correspondent, Biscuit to learn about both her cheer and personal goals for summer 2022!


Hey Y’all!

So this topic was a hard one to narrow down because I have so many goals that I set! One major goal I have is to make High School Cheer, you can make the team as a 7th grader so fingers crossed I make it!

I firmly believe that we deserve what we settle for, because in life, we experience a constant give and take. To achieve something, work must be done. To accomplish our goals, anything short of incredible discipline and consistency won’t cut it.

I find summer to be one of the most inspiring times of the year! It’s a great time to allow myself to create things I might not normally create—or make progress in directions I wouldn’t otherwise prioritize. For me, summer has always been about picking goals that are less directly correlated with professional success, and more about self-expression and long-term creativity. It’s my way of maintaining and remembering I’m still young and it’s “summer vacation,” where these 3 months don’t feel like the rest of the year. 

I’m going to Woodward Cheer Camp Week #1 this summer, and my goal there is to gain even more special friendships than I have now. I want to encourage and support and cheer on every one! I also want to get even stronger with my tumbling and stunting this summer.

One year ago I started a motivational program at the Boys and Girls Club and the Rec Center that helps encourage self love and self motivation. We meet weekly with young people ages 7 to 24 and my goal is to reach even more community athletes than I already have. I want young men and young women to embrace who they are and love themselves no matter what!  

Finally, a lot of people don’t know this about me… but I love to draw and paint and I’m really good at it! One of my goals is to finish at art school in the top of my class.  

So as you can see, I have a lot of work to accomplish this summer and can’t wait to get started! Take a moment to share your summer goals with us! Tag @insidecheer and use the hashtag #insidenation all season long.

~ Biscuit

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