By Patricia C. Duffy

Featuring Mika Hayes, Tucker Hendrix and Kennedy Thames

In the first weekly installment of Team iC’s “Ask the Cheerleader” series, we discuss reaching goals, conquering mental blocks, and more!

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This week’s panel of “Ask the Cheerleader” Team iC contributors:

{Q}: How do you motivate yourself to reach your goals? (For example: tumbling or stunts) – @schooorni_

{A}: I watch videos of tumblers that I look up to, and these videos inspire me to become like them. It makes me want to push myself out of my comfort zone and try my hardest to excel and get better at tumbling. – Mika Hayes, World Cup Shooting Stars

Setting goals in cheerleading is something I’ve always done and is a great way to see progress.  To reach a goal of mine, I set aside time to go in and put in extra work because no new skill comes easy! – Tucker Hendrix, Ace Warriors

I motivate myself by thinking about Worlds and how badly I want to win and it pushes me to do my best. My team is also really good about motivating each other by being positive and encouraging! – Kennedy Thames, Rockstar Beatles

{Q}: How did you/do you get over mental blocks? – @tara.kai

{A}: To get over a mental block, you first have to trust yourself. Only you have the ability to push through and commit to the skill. Know that you can do it. You should believe in yourself, as many people believe in you. – M.H.

Mental blocks are always a difficult thing for many people in this sport, but you really have to trust in your ability and train yourself to be prepared for the skill mentally and physically. – T.H.

I’ve never had a mental block but I think it’s important to believe in yourself, your skills and your coaches. Start back with some more basic skills to regain your confidence. – K.T.

{Q}: What is the best type of shoe for bases? – @cheerwhut

{A}: As a base, I currently wear Varsity Last Pass 2.0 shoes, and I am in love. I also love Nfinity’s Titan shoes. – M.H.

Personally Varsity V-Force shoes are my favorite cheer shoes as a base. They are well put together and professional-looking, and I love that about my Varsity V-Force shoes. – T.H.

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