Taking CHEER to New Heights! 

Get an inside look on the creative process behind a tour unlike any other, CHEER LIVE 2022! Enjoy our exclusive conversations with the creative geniuses and superstar cast coming to a city near you this summer!

iC Ultimate Uniform & Apparel Challenge | Modeled by members of TEAM iC & TEAM iC MAX

The new 2022 edition of our annual iC Ultimate Uniform & Apparel Challenge is back with beautiful designs in fashion-trending colors. Dedicated to a color theme celebrating Inside Publications’ 20th Anniversary!


All our regular features including: 

  • Junior Correspondent: iC Junior Correspondent Biscuit shares her personal and cheer goals for the summer! 
  • Coach’s Corner: Paige Colon from the Stingray Allstars talks team goals, how coaching has impacted her life, what makes her coaching style unique, and more! 
  • Latest & Greatest Buzz
  • Fashion Forward 
  • Parting Shot

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CHEER LIVE is showcasing cheer athletes on a whole new level. Tell us what that “level” means to you.

That level is where we push the boundaries of Cheer and challenge the cheer industry to look at new ways of innovating the sport. I hope that some of the skills we bring to the floor will begin to become skills that we see teams competing with in the future. For me… this is the no-limit level! -Gabbi Butler 

What I mean by next level is this is something that has never been done before. This tour gives athletes the opportunity to showcase their talent with no limitations or judgment from a score sheet. Skies the limit for us and we are thrilled to shed more light on the cheerleading industry as we take it up a notch. There is not a “professional cheerleading” Or “going pro” in this sport yet and we are about to redefine cheerleading by making it BIG. -Morgan Simianer

Share a statement with your younger self! Did you ever think you’d be making history by being part of an epic tour?

To my younger self…we did it! We’ve done everything we’ve ever dreamed of and even more. We’re about to go on this crazy tour and you never thought in your mind you’d be doing something like this. Watching Bring It On you always dreamed of this, but now you are the standard you wanted to be and above and beyond. You’d be so proud of us. -James Thomas 

Can you share a teaser with our iC fans of what to expect?

Honestly on this tour you can expect craziness. You can expect to see us do insane flips, there’s no rules, there’s no limits so all of the crazy tumbling, stunting, baskets, pyramids – it’s just going to be us having fun. – Angel Rice 

What do you hope the fans coming to CHEER LIVE take away from this one-of-a-kind experience?

Once our fans and supporters watch this tour throughout North America there are a few things they can take away from this. First being that we are all dedicated and passionate athletes, and yes, we are competitive, but we all have one goal and it’s just to have fun. To express ourselves freely and have a great time with each other on the floor. I also hope they can take away that cheerleading is more than cheerleading: cheerleading is a lifesaver and a safe place. -Terrell Cabral


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