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1. How many more days until competition season?”
As cheerleaders, we thrive on competitions. Our entire season is built upon performing, and over summer we don’t really get the chance to be in front of a crowd. Nothing makes a cheerleader happier than going to his or her first competition of the season! After three months, we are practically begging for a stage and a judging panel.

2. “When do we get our new music and uniforms?”
Getting music or uniforms is basically the equivalent of Christmas for cheerleaders. Hearing your music for the first time gives us chills, and when we try on our new uniforms, we get excited just thinking about wearing them on stage. We admit to listen to our music on repeat a little too much, and you can bet we walk around our house in our new uniforms!

3. “How many more minutes of conditioning do we have to do?”
Summer is the time of conditioning for cheer. Coaches want us to be in the best physical shape when we receive our choreography, so we spend a majority of practice conditioning our bodies. While we know it’s good for us, conditioning-heavy practices can seem extra long.

4. “Our choreography this year is amazing!”
Learning new choreo is always a challenge, but in the best way possible. Finding out what creative elite section you will be performing or seeing how fierce the dance will be compares to no other feeling!

5. “I got a new skill today!”
With as much time as cheerleaders spend in the gym over summer, it’s no wonder they get new skills! Conditioning makes our bodies stronger and makes doing new skills much easier, and at practice we focus heavily on drills and reps. So many cheerleaders get new skills over the summer months, which is exciting!

6. “Our gym is too hot.”
Even though your gym may have air conditioning, it still feels absolutely hot and sticky during practice. Sometimes the air conditioning may not even be on! (And let’s not forget, there are some gyms that don’t have AC at all!) Being in the hot gym isn’t always fun, but it is definitely a part of the summer cheer experience.

7. “Let’s watch old competition videos!”
While we can’t compete over summer, we can reminisce and watch old videos! Seeing our younger selves compete feeds our desire to compete little bit. While it’s not the same as actually performing, it is certainly a fun time rewatching all of the old routines you have done over the years.

8. “I have heard this eight-count music so many times.”
Yup, we have all been there. Our music isn’t in yet, but you have choreography ready to start running with music. So your coach puts in an eight-count track, and off you go. While the music is usually pretty fun and makes you feel fierce, you probably could sing it in your sleep!

9. “Let’s do our old routine!”
When your playlist shuffles to your old completion music, there is no resisting performing your routine. Even if only two people remember the routine, it is inevitable that you will mark to music. And it’s pretty fun trying to see if you remember all of the sections and counts!

10. “This year will be the best one yet!”
After a great summer practice, you might feel pretty proud of all your team has accomplished already. You can’t wait for the season to start, and you know that this team will be a great one!

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