In Inside Cheerleading 2023 Volume 6 we get to know the 34-year-old mother of two who is cheering her heart out as a member of TopGun Genesis and East Florida State College – and proving along the way that age is just a number!


Age Is Just A Number

Alma Stephany Bell isn’t your typical cheerleader. Best known as Steph by the cheer community and of course her adoring group of “Baddies” – Steph Bell is pushing back on the narrative that cheerleading is a sport just for kids and teens. 

After packing away her soccer cleats at the age of 31, Steph decided it was time for a completely different adventure: cheerleading. Steph, now 34, is by far the oldest cheerleader on her All Star team Top Gun Genesis, where she’s currently an alternate flyer. She’s also easily a decade older than anyone on her team at East Florida State College where she’s gearing up to compete in Daytona at the upcoming NCA College Nationals. But when you’re doing what you love, age is nothing but a number!

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