Inside Cheerleading 2023 Volume 1 gives you a glimpse of what it’s like being Cheer Star Maddy Brum!


Being Maddy Brum!

Maddy Brum is a name a lot of people are familiar with these days. Her reach goes far beyond just the cheerleading industry. 

As one of the featured athletes in season 2 of the Emmy-award winning Netflix docuseries Cheer, it didn’t take long for the Massachusetts teen to become a household name — and more importantly — an idol to cheerleaders around the globe.

She’s come a long way since Netflix started filming her life at the age of 18. No longer just a cheerleader, she’s learning how to balance all facets of life from paying bills to maintaining her grades to preparing to represent the country at the ICU World Championships this year. Her day to day life is an absolute grind. When she’s not working at Ultimate Cheer Lubbock or cheering on the sidelines for Texas Tech, she’s in the classroom picking up tools she hopes will help her continue to grow the sport through social media. (She’s a media strategies major, although if you could get a degree in cheerleading, Brum says she would have a masters!) Exhausting? Yes. But Brum wouldn’t have it any other way.

Inside Cheer takes you inside the busy life of Maddy Brum! We chat how life has changed, her big goals for the future, and more! 

The Story of Zhenya Kolpakova

A freak accident nearly ruined Zhenya Kolpakova’s dream of becoming a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader. With the strength of her family, friends, and grandmother back at home in Ukraine, Kolpakova overcame the odds stacked against her to make her dream come true! 

iC STARS! Where Are They Now? 

Through 2023 we continue to reconnect and catch up with former Inside Cheer Cover Stars! Who will it be this issue? 


All our regular features including: 

  • Junior Correspondent: iC Junior Correspondent Willow writes a letter to her younger self as she nears high school graduation and prepares for the next chapter! 
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