A new approach to youth fundraising was put to the ultimate test when a Texas football league ran the program during the worst of Hurricane Harvey and achieved record fundraising sales.

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A new approach to youth fundraising was put to the ultimate test when a Texas football league ran the program during the worst of Hurricane Harvey and achieved record fundraising sales. Katy Youth Football League is headquartered just west of Houston where the effects of Hurricane Harvey, one of the worst U.S. natural disasters in recorded history, were most significant. At a time when much of their community was focusing on relief efforts, the league of 70 tackle football, flag football and cheer teams, was able to sell $55,000 using a new program from Dynamic Drinkware Fundraising.

With this program, participants sold Fundraising Cards that supporters redeem online for their favorite set of Full-Image™ Tumblers, including local Houston Astros and Houston Texans, and over 500 other designs, with orders shipping directly to supporters’ doorsteps.

Katy Youth Football League Treasurer, Robert Cortez, said of their success, We’ve sold cups for years, and the customer service is the best of I’ve seen, but our record highest fundraiser was only $30,000. I think we sold almost double that this time because it was so much easier for everyone to just sell a card and supporters liked the convenience and variety of new designs online.”

In Bulverde, TX, approximately 170 miles west of Katy, a small performance dance team also ran the new Fundraising Card program during Hurricane Harvey. According to Amy Kolody of Diamond Dance, “We received our fundraising materials and then that weekend the worst of Harvey hit Texas. So only 4 of our 10 performance dancers participated and we limited the selling to just friends and family, but we still sold 39 cards!” Kolody added, “Everyone was excited about all the fun designs and many people purchased the cards to give away as gifts. If it weren’t for the hurricane, I think we would have sold at least double that.”

The traditional models for youth fundraising include in-hand and catalog programs, both of which have pros and cons. What Dynamic Drinkware Fundraising has created is a revolutionary new model that has all the perks of both in-hand and catalog programs, without any of the common complaints.

Joe Blando from Dynamic Drinkware Fundraising explains, “Traditionally, in-hand programs include clunky cases of items or discount cards where additional purchases have to be made for the supporter to realize the value. Catalog programs require a lot of work sorting orders and delivering items at the end of the fundraiser. Some programs include storage and transfer of items that need to be kept cool. What we’ve created solves all these issues making fundraising easier for everyone.”

Coming in 2018, Dynamic Drinkware Fundraising will offer supporters the ability to upload photos to personalize their individual cup orders and purchase additional items after their Fundraising Card has been redeemed increasing profit potential for the fundraising group.

About Dynamic Drinkware Fundraising

Dynamic Drinkware Fundraising (formerly SpiritCups Fundraising) is a subsidiary of Dynamic Drinkware, LLC, the market leader in souvenir drinkware for professional stadiums and events. Based out of Oshkosh, WI, Dynamic Drinkware Fundraising provides fundraising programs for schools and youth sports groups featuring Fundraising Cards redeemed online for Full-Image™ Tumblers in officially licensed team and lifestyle designs, all manufactured in the U.S.

For more information, please contact Ryan Dailey at 888-825-9339 ext. 102 or email rdailey@dynamicdrinkware.com.

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