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April 12, 2014
Inside Publications is hiring - come find out what makes this this best job in the world!

Checking In With Team iC - AJ SIngleton

April 16, 2014
We caught up with Team iC member, AJ Singleton, as she shares her thoughts on the importance of our sport!

Checking In With Team iC - Alexis Cross

April 16, 2014
iC team member, Alexis Cross, gives us the scoop on how she prepares physically and mentally for the biggest competition of the season!

Checking In with Team iC - Emily Szalkowski

April 15, 2014
Check in with World Cup Odyssey member, Emily Szalkowski, as she gears up for Orlando!

Checking In With Team iC - McKenzie Rutan

April 14, 2014
Team iC member, McKenzie Rutan, shares what's going on in her life including spring break, college tryouts and prepping for her last competition as a Stingray at Worlds.