Gabi Butler's California Dreams

November 19, 2012
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Gabi ButlerWow, I can't believe the holidays are almost here. It seems like it was only yesterday that we were all enjoying our summer break. The competition season is already here and it is an exciting time for all of us who love to cheer. I have really enjoyed my summer training at Trinity Athletics. It is an amazing gym and the coaches and owners of the gym are really awesome. They have some great teams that I know are going to do really well this year After training there I have decided that although they have an amazing program, it wasn't the right fit for me. I love the friends that I made there and hope they all do great this year!

Something that a lot of people don't know about me is my first inspiration in cheerleading. That would be my sister Ashley. She got me into cheer and I always looked up to her. Not long after I started cheer I saw some videos of a young girl who was an amazing power tumbler and cheerleader. Her name was Kiara Nowlin. She made me want to learn how to tumble and I have always thought it would be so amazing to cheer with her. Well, I am excited to say that dream is coming true. I have been given the opportunity to cheer this year with California Allstars on their Small Coed team. I am very excited about this opportunity. My dad has family on the west coast where he is originally from and it has given me the opportunity to go to California and cheer with CA this year. I am really excited and am looking forward to the season! They are an amazing team and it will be really cool to get to cheer on a small coed team. It is very different than what I am used to and will be a good challenge for me. I am also getting the opportunity to train with their power tumbling coach there and hope that I will be able to continue to grow in my tumbling skills.

I wanted to ask everyone to keep a few people in your prayers. Recently, one of the coaches from my old gym, Miguel Gonzalez, was badly hurt in a car accident. He is slowly recovering and needs your prayers. Also, please continue to keep Addison Locke and Royce Tisdale in your prayers as they continue to fight their battles against cancer. Please continue to support the "No Bullying" cause too, because no one deserves to be bullied. It is hurtful and no one should have to feel bad for being themselves!

I look forward to keeping in touch with all of my friends and seeing you all at competitions this year!

- Gabi

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