Ice Breakers

December 01, 2010
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Ice Breakers     By: Megan Abney

As the new basketball season starts, and competition season is well under way, it is important that your team is just that-a team! Coming together as a squad can be one of the most fun activities you do all season and it is also extremely important for the success of your squad. Check out iC’s squad bonding activities!

The Human Machine Game

For this team builder, athletes get in groups of four to six. The rule is that everyone must participate. Each group must come up with a creative machine. Then the group must act like the machine with their bodies while the other groups guess the machine. The following are ideas for machines:

  • Stapler
  • Television Set
  • Washer/Dryer
  • Vacuum
  • Microwave

Photo Scavenger Hunt--Poses


For this activity, each group needs a list of poses and a disposable camera. Give each group 30 minutes to get to the appropriate locations and get the pictures. All group members (except the one taking the picture) must be in the picture. When they arrive back at school, record the time for each group, have the pictures developed that night, and post poster boards with each group's pictures the next day. Ideas for poses/locations:

  • Police Station: You're under arrest! Three group members are cops and the rest of you are up against the building ready to be searched!
  • Basketball Court (park): It's time to shoot some hoops! Get your group into positions as if you are playing a basketball game. Someone should be taking a shot.
  • Red Rover (playground): It's time for a playground game of Red Rover. Divide up your group into two red rover lines. When someone is called to run through, snap a picture.
  • Adopt-a-Highway: This place is a mess! Clean up that road. Get your group members to the road to pick up trash and get a picture!

Cheerleader Tic-Tac-Toe-

You need nine chairs set up in three rows. Divide the squad into X's and O's. Just like in regular tic-tac-toe, the X's and O's alternate, except they sit in the chairs instead of drawing it out on paper. Ask questions about the rules of football, basketball or any sport. The cheerleaders must raise her hand to answer. If she is right, then she sits in one of the chairs. The first team to get three in a row, diagonally, vertically or horizontally, wins.


Toxic River-

Everyone is on one side. You measure a space about 5 feet and call it a toxic river. You want the whole squad to cross as fast as they can. They aren't allowed to cross the toxic river without special pair of boots and there is only one pair of boots. Each person can use the boots only once. The boots cannot be tossed over the river. Each person has to personally give the boots to the next person and if they touch the toxic waste without the boots, the team must start over. Hint: Carrying people over is the key.

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